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Weak Erections and No Gains

Weak Erections and No Gains

Ok, so I’ve been following the newbie routine for about 4 months now and pretty religiously too. I do 5 mins warm up under warm flowing water, 5 mins of stretches still while in the water. Since I do the 2 days on 1 day off, on the first day I do about 160 jelqs and second day I do 200. If I go over 160 jelqs on the first day or over 200 on the second day I get an over-exercise effects and notice loss of erections or slight loss in size. So after my jelqs I always follow with warm down. I do the 50 kegels a day and still have weak erections.thought it was supposed to give you harder erections? If I just let it go it’s below horizontal angle, but if I do a kegel and hold it I can achieve normal erection angle at slightly above horizontal. What gives?? I want firm erections that I shouldn’t have to squeeze my PC muscle to achieve. I exercise regularly and run a mile every other day. Can anybody provide some insight of what I can do to fix these two issues?

If your EQ go lower, than a good idea would be ligthen up. Probably your are a ‘less is more guy’. I’d try the linear routine, instead than the regular newbie routine.

Running and other forms of physical stressors can lower your EQ also.

Ok thanks:-)

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