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We all need a Mentor.

We all need a Mentor.

Hi guy’s, this is my first thread and I will be brief. I have read thread after thread of countless warnings to the newbie to beware the advanced exercises, and I have paid attention to this advice right down the the wire. This is basically a follow up to an old thread that failed and I just hope some of you will “bite” this time around.

Just thought it would be nice to see your favorite lenght and girth exercises from some of you vet’s.

Long story short, alot of you guy’s are like superhero’s to most of us, and we value your every opinion (especially the warning’s.) Soon enough all newbies will stop gaining and alter their workout to strive for more. I personally would like to reference some of my idols and try out what they liked best (I know what work’s for one but may not for others, but it can’t hurt to try.)

I know you are worried of the new guy that will avoid the warnings anyway, But in essence they are going to push their limits anyway regardless of whatever somebody else says. (Which is very foolish to begin with.) So I hope that does not detour your feedback.

I hope nobody sees this as coming off as being pushy, I’m not that way by my nature. Anyway hope this work’s out this time, as it would be a privilege to hear from you men.

P.S. not as if it really needs to be said but if this thread is successful, for the percentage of the guy’s that would try any of these exercises before your ready, please think of the consequences and the time delays due to any injury from lack of experience.(as it specifies in every exercise description anyway.)

Thanks alot to all who read this thread, And good luck with your gains. Irish1

How long have you been a newby? Not long I suppose. I will tell you as a vet, injuries postpone growth and I did my best growing on the newbie program. It is better safe than sorry. So in a few months when your dick is well conditioned from a consistent program I would be most happy to guide you to the next “safe” step. In the meantime don’t jump so far ahead in your head. Take each warm up, stretch, and jelq one minute at a time.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

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