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W'dup yall

W'dup yall

I’ve been doing PE for five months now ( got my books on p2p) and I’ve gained about .6 in length, I haven’t really measured width. Since the halfway point of November I started gaining like .1, or .2 a week is this normal.

Hi T.Dog,

Welcome to the forum. Good gains, I hope they long continue.

It’s very normal for gains to be fast initially and then slow down.

What’s your routine? Maybe you need to modify it.

Sorry you didn’t get a quicker response on this one. The more info you give (don’t copy out copyrighted material though) the faster it will often be. You’ve got to give guys a hook into an answer :)

Most of that payguide shit is crap really. I’ve seen about 20 different PE guides and all of them combined don’t offer what this place does….and it’s free. To get the most out of PE you have to become your own trainer. So take the time to read up here & learn.

Thanks I will. Are there any exercises on girth I measured my penis at 5.0 exactly, and looked up on the internet I need to gain another inch in girth.

Hey T.Dog,

Jelqing is the number one starting exercise to gain girth. Once you’ve done this for a while and can withstand the pressures, you can advance to squeezes, horse 440, ULI’s, etc. All of these exercises are explained here:

A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

Enjoy man!

Thanks I really don’t want a long penis with no girth.

From my, admittedly limited, research on this site, I thought the general consensus was to go for length first, as it would be harder to achieve if girth is reached first.

But then you have been doing PE for longer than me, and length may not be your priority.

Welcome and congratulations on your gains.

Does stretching give you girth.

Stretching’s main purpose of course is to increase length, but a side-effect (if that’s what you wanna call it) is to increase the girth at the base. Your bodies reaction to the tension is to thicken up the base. Think about a thin piece of wire: you pull it and it stretches until it breaks. If you thicken the piece of wire, it requires more force to stretch the wire until it breaks. Your body is using this fact to adapt to the stretches, so by stretching you are going to increase the girth some. From what I have heard the girth is mainly gained at the base due to stretching. Anyways, that’s my thoughts on it. Hope it makes sense and helps.

Never knew that.

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