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Ways to gain flaccid


Originally Posted by UFGator

I think any PE method, when done in a sensible way, will yield you flaccid gains.

Agreed, lots of warming up probably helps too.

As long as you don’t overdo the exercises. Don’t wanna bring on retraction.

How do you warm up/down? I use the rick sock and probably warm down longer than I warm up. Once I finish warming up I get straight to stretching, but when warm down I kinda just leave the sock on my dick till it loses all heat.

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I also use a rice sock; its quick and effective. To those who use IR lamps. How effective are they? Would you recommend one?

Using the classic newbie routine i went from a flaccid hang of 6”-6.5” to 6.75”-7.1”. I have always been a shower even pre-PE

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Originally Posted by SonnyC
Yeah, it increases blood flow.

Lots of things increase blood low and lots of things decrease blood flow so it’s really not that simple. Just eating garlic would probably not do much good.

I want to know the same thing.. Fowfers work?

Originally Posted by jimmyjay
I want to know the same thing.. Fowfers work?

According to many they do. I have done quite allot of fowfers. Can’t say I am 100 % sure they have given me any flaccid gains but it’s hard to tell what comes from what. I do think fowfers work but it’s not something that works if you only do it once or twice a weak. It needs to be done often.

I also gained rapid flaccid gains. I use the pro extender and do manual stretches everyday and my flaccid gains are much more noticeable than my erect gains. I been doing PE for 4 months.

I want to know the same thing.


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