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Okay, but only because PEst asked.

The first time I went to my GP with ED issues, I was standing there in my skivvies when she had me drop them for the hernia exam. I have some spemacells a couple of pretty big ones that you can feel in my scrotum, I’ve known about them for years, and they never cause me any problems, but she noticed them right away and I just played dumb so she would continue feeling of them. I had just told her that I could not get an erection, and although she didn’t think this was related to my ED she was very inquisitive about these little clusters in my sack. She was sitting there on her little stool eye level with my package in that white lab coat, open in front. Under it she wore a fairly short dress, great legs, nylons and medium heeled pumps. By this time she had a ball in each hand comparing the size of one to the other- because I had commented on how one hung lower that the other- (one of mine IS bigger than the other) so she’s telling me that testicles we not symmetrical and it was not unusual for one to be bigger or shaped slightly different from the other. The more she talked to me about the size and shape of my balls, and the more inquisitive she got with her fingering of the two little lumps in my scrotum and the more I looked at those legs peeking out from under that lab coat, the next thing I knew I had popped a full fledged Bonner. It was the hardest my dick had been in years, and I just knew I had blown my opportunity to get a prescription for Viagra. The Bonner didn’t seem to phase her one bit. She even kind of moved it over to one side to get a better look at my unsymmetrical balls. I guess an attractive female doctor sees this happen all the time. I expected at least a smile or a comment, but unfortunately she was very professional about the whole thing. After the exam she referred me to a urologist to check the spermacells, which I declined her choice (An ugly old guy with a goatee) and picked my own out of the same insurance booklet that I’d found HER in. The woman I selected is the urologist I’ve had now for over five years and has seen me through a 130 pound weight loss and uncountable little PE related injuries in the last three years. Anyway SHE is another story, maybe in DW’s forum, so we can get back on topic here.

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