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Ways to better your penis besides ordinary PE

#13.Foreskin restoration

I actually have been using my own method of this. I just pull the foreskin forward as far as I can when I am not doing anything and do that for 20 or so minuets and when I jelq at the end of each jelq instead of going right back down, I pull the skin up further. I haven’t actually done it the proper way yet.

That is one of the proper ways, seyz! You’re doing manual restoration. From what I gather, it works just as good as any other method, so long as you are stretching the skin hard enough. I have had good success with manual, although I use a TLC tugger 3 to 6 hours a day as well. Most FR experts say not to stretch 24/7 like they used to. The current popular opinion on FR is to do it more like PE, short/high intensity periods of stretching and then breaks to let the skin heal and expand.

I thought the proper weight was with a golf weight or something.

I would say Erection pills e.g. Viagra would not increase penis health, this is mainly because you can become reliant on the viagra pill and constantly need it to get an erection..

One question to seyz..

How do you mean ‘eating better’?

Gained 1 inch length finally! the first big step in my PE time :D

Now: Erect Girth 5.00" - BP Erect Length 6.00"

Start: Erect Girth 4.90" - BP Erect Length 5.00" ---- Thats an increased volume of 2.384 cubic inches!!!

Eating less fatty foods, and just overall better diet. The less crap you have in your body the better it will run. Better circulation, more energy, and the thing can mostly effect PE, less of a fat pad.

Cialis makes for a strong me a far better product compared to viagra

Trim the pubes, lose weight and eat pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin seeds what do they do?

Originally Posted by Mr. Nine
Trim the pubes, lose weight and eat pumpkin seeds.

I don’t have any experience regarding the pumpkin seeds; however a shave of the pubes and a plunge of the pounds will do wonders for the appearance of your schlong.

A very wise, effective and yet simple suggestion Mr. Nine.

I’ll have to give those pumpkin seeds a shot though.

Why is turtling a negative thing?

Originally Posted by gogojvc
Why is turtling a negative thing?

From a PE perspective turtling is bad, because the well worn ligs tend to retract inside the body to heal. Letting them heal while retracted or shortened by turtling will toughen them making them harder to stretch. Not only that, letting them heal in a retracted state may even cause your flaccid length to become shorter. This is of course theory, but a theory I happen to agree with.

But let me tell you what my urologist says:

During the prostrate exam whilst she has her dainty little gloved finger up my ass probing my prostate, she tells me to grab the tip of my penis and pull out. When I do this she says she can feel my ligaments pull away, thus demonstrating very healthy connective tissue. She says that a retracting penis is a healthy penis, that it is a sign of “TIGHT, STRONG” ligaments. Her exact words. She goes on to explain to me that the suspensory and fundform ligaments are very important because they determine erection angle and keep the penis rigid during intercourse. I’ve been seeing this woman for years, and I believe she is a good doctor, only she has the deranged notion that a healthy functioning penis is more important than a large one. She’s always asking me about all my little PE battle scars every time I see her. In the past I’ve just blamed it on rough sex. On this last visit she commented because I had quite a bit of fluid buildup from clamping along with some pinch wounds and a hard vein she said was close to thrombosis. So I fessed up.
Sorry, guys. Guess I’m getting a little off topic. I’ll continue this in another thread.

To make a long story short: Doc says turtling is good, perfectly natural. I say it is bad for length gains, especially flaccid length gains, and that is the gains I’m most interested in.

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So let me see if I’ve got this right.

Your FEMALE doctor is fingering your asshole and telling you to pull on your dick at the same time
while she talks about sex?

It’s seems a little strange for my taste,
but any chance I can get a referral?

My doctors

RootCap: for the record:

My urologist: late thirties, brunet, great legs. I picked her out of an insurance booklet based on her picture. I also selected my primary care physician the same way from the same book; she is a DO, early thirties, blonde hair blue eyes. My Internist is a little older, an MD, same sex, same book, by the picture. I just love a woman in a white lab coat.

Sorry to wander off topic, but in my view having an all female medical staff will better one’s penis.

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Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Sorry to wander off topic, but in my view having an all female medical staff will better one’s penis.

Or one’s fantasies.

TGC Theory | Who Says The Penis Isn't a Muscle?

"To leave the world a better place, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived is to succeed." - Emerson

Good post, tell us more about your journeys to these hott medical women :D

Also, PM me and tell me your secrets on clamping LOL.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy


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