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Ways of gaining length

Ways of gaining length

Hello. I have a relatively poor EQ so It is difficult to get a 100% correct measurement but I’m between 7.0” and 7.5” BPEL. I would like to get that number up to 8.5-9.0 inches with strong EQ. I know the exercises make your penis expand but are there ligaments that I can stretch? I know there are a lot of them down there.

Read up on the LOT theory (Bib’s LOT Theory 101) it covers a great deal about newbie gains through ligament stretching. Some have potential for fast easy gains, others are not as lucky.

From my understanding downward stretching hit ligaments the hardest. If you do a straight down stretch and with your other hand feel the very base of your penis where it meets the fat-pad you can feel ligaments being tense from the stretch.

About your EQ, there is an ocean of different possibilities for poor EQ. Smoking, overweight, mental issues, you name it. But for me, and I believe many others, jelqing has given amazing and fast results in the EQ section, you may even experience some “gain” because your erections are fuller. But like everyone else new to this, start here START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info , in there is what you need to safely pickup PE. Go with the newbie routine for a couple of months till you get the idea of what PE is like, and remember, it’s a slow process.

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