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Water's Warm. Jumpin' In

Water's Warm. Jumpin' In

Sorry about the trailing dots, Thunder. I found this group yesterday. Just turned 40, going to give myself a little birthday/pre-midlife crisis gift.

BPEL 6-7/8 (NBPEL = 6-5/8)
EG 5-1/2
FL 5
FG 5 (I’m SQUARE! Grin)
Width 1-7/8
Volume No Idea.

BPEL 7 1/2
EG 6-1/2
Width Bigger than a baby’s arm, that’s for sure!

CURRENT LOT= 8. (I hope that means I have plenty of lig related gain)

I’d like some length. I’d like it to be the truth when I say I pack seven inches! Also some healthy heft to my member. Flaccid hang in my jeans would be pretty nice, too. As would overall Penis Health!

I’ve been reading around, I’ll keep looking, but my current erection angle is about 10 o’clock. Will PE effect this?

Slendercock, welcome to Thunder’s!

I still don’t entirely understand the whole lot thing. Back when I started PE we just tied cinderblocks to out units and dropped them off bridges. My erection angle has not changed at all.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Cinderella Blocks

I like the LOTS thing. Mostly because I’m anal retentive and like spreadsheets and data cut up seven ways to Sunday! I don’t GET it, but I LIKE it!

Glad to hear about erection angle not changing. Thanks.

The subject line made me think of our first boat sailing of the “season” on Sunday, the air temperature was around 45°F and Lake Erie water temp was 36°F. “Water’s Warm. Jumpin’ In”. NOT!!!!

Afterwards, I came home. took a hot bath, and then did my hanging.

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