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Wassup I'm new

Wassup I'm new

It started about a couple months back when I was concerned about my cock size.
I was fingering a chick and she felt up on me. But this all happened in a BUS LOL
So she was rubbing up and then after we got out I asked her how it was and she said it was

Alright was not good enough. So I wikipedia’d penis growth and jelq came out. Then on yahoo answers
I got how to do it. Milking.

So basically as a newbe I dried jelqed not knowing about anything else. Ocassionally I stretch and tuck it between my legs and sit on johnny for a while. I didnt know these were workouts btw.

So a couple months back I measure and I was at 5.7 :(

So I just did it inconsistently and I just measured 2 minutes ago and I’m now 6.2 WOOOO

And Bone pressed I am 7 inches.

My goal is 7.5-8 region

Anyways what do you think and suggest

You’re new? Well, you shouldn’t be here. Infants aren’t allowed on this site:D

Why don,t you tell us your routine in detail and maybe you will get some helpful info. Good job on the gains.

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