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WARNING on wrapping plus any thoughts

WARNING on wrapping plus any thoughts

About 8 months ago I started a newbie program. (I think it was a modified version of DLD’s.) At the end of each of my sessions I got into the habit of wrapping for 10-15 minutes, as it seemed to have an at least temporary effect of maintaining length. I was careful to take care not to wrap too close to the glans or too tightly (I thought), but I didn’t do the trick of leaving a finger under the wrap as I put it on. One evening in May I finished a session late at night, around 12, and wrapped. Between either the amount of wrap and the tightness it was definitely enough to keep my penis from retracting from a 3/4 erect length.

I sat on my couch just after 12 and proceeded to read something on my iphone. Next thing I knew, I was waking up. It only took a fraction of a second for panic to set in and I quickly tore off the wrap and checked the time. It was 3 am. I had been wrapped up fairly tightly for 3 hours.
My penis was incredibly numb. It was definitely the same sensation as having slept on your arm- it didn’t feel like it was attached to me when I touched it. I immediately drew and hot bath, got in, and started massaging circulation back. In retrospect, I wish I’d just gone to the hospital, though I’m not sure what they could have done.

It’s now 7 months from that day. A very very small amount of feeling has come back, but it’s not the kind you want. I’ve done a lot of reading on nerve damage, and the most common form of feeling to recover are “safety” signals. So, I can feel hot and cold, and if I poke with a sharp object I can feel it, but definitely later than I would elsewhere. Pleasurable sensation is absent anywhere other than my glans and perhaps 1/8-1/4 of an inch beneath it. On top of that, I can barely tell if something is touching my penis- running a cotton swab along the top lightly doesn’t register.

The skin on my penis is now distinctly but slightly darker in color than it had been (it’s slight, I’m very pale.) It’s also definitely lost some elasticity. When my penis is shortest, it almost looks like I’m uncircumcised now as the skin doesn’t want to contract past a certain point.

I’m totally depressed. The really sad part is my penis was totally average in length and above average girth, and now it’s basically useless.


1) Has this ever happened to anyone else? Thoughts on what I should do? At this point I’m just waiting, and lately I’ve basically cut out all interaction with it to see if total rest helps. Time to see a doctor? Could they do anything? The only reason I never went is because a) I don’t think they can do anything for nerve injuries and 2) my GF at the time was in med school and didn’t really seem worried, though when I told her about it “safety” feeling was starting to come back 1.5 days later so I thought it was making progress. Turns out it was very little progress.

2) BE CAREFUL WRAPPING. It goes without saying this has ruined my sex life.

3) BE CAREFUL. You are much better off never doing PE than doing it aggressively AT ALL.

Sorry to hear your story. It’s out of my experience, so I just have a few comments that hopefully will dissuade people new to PE from making such a horrible mistake.

Follow the newbie routine for at least six months, unless you see no improvement at all. There’s a temptation to start doing more advanced techniques, but they are more dangerous. And many of us gain without ever doing anything aggressive at all. Do the minimum you can do as long as it works.

If you have any kind of injury, go straight to a doctor. It’s embarassing, but you’ll get over it. You won’t get over having a broken dick. If there is any chance at all a medical professional can help, what do you gain by not going?

Agreeintheory, go talk to a doctor. I don’t know if they can fix nerve damage, but there is always the possibility they can restore your ability to have erections. If you have sensation in the head, that could be enough to enjoy sex with. Best luck.

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I would never apply anything to the penis while sleeping or if the possibility of falling asleep or becoming distracted existed, I would set a timer.

Motor nerves, the kind that make muscles work, tend to recover within a year and if they don’t by then probably won’t. But sensory nerves may continue to regain some function even after 12 months, so there is some hope. Skin can be stretched fairly easily if that is really a limiting factor. You didn’t say whether or not erectile function is intact.

North, you are most likely right. At some point soon I will go to the doctor. At this point I’m pretty sure I’ll just get some ED medicine prescribed, and hopefully over time more sensation will slowly return.

Redbear, I can still get erections and climax, but it’s clearly much more difficult. If I’m masturbating I can get it done, but it’s much harder with a woman. Only tried once since the incident and it was pretty horrible. Also, morning wood is pretty much nonexistent though I go through phases.

Totally agree on the newbie advice. If I can add anything it would be always always set some kind of timer or alarm when wrapping (or hanging), even if it’s the middle of the day. Take absolutely no chances.

Thanks for the responses.

I suspect you probably will just get some medication prescribed if the problem is largely sensory loss and the erectile mechanism is still functioning to some extent. It is pretty inconceivable that the mechanism of injury could have actually severed any sensory nerves in the penis. You probably damaged them through either direct pressure (neuropraxic injury:…_Classification) or ischemic injury from lack of blood flow, or a combination of both. Again, as long as the axon is intact, there is some hope of recovery.

It is just a thought, but Avocet8 has a thread somewhere suggesting vacuum pumping in short sets at low pressure as treatment for erectile dysfunction and you might consider reading it and trying it if it sounds good to you. I don’t think this would make it any more or less likely to regain sensory function, or change the time course of recovery if you do, but it might help to preserve the erectile mechanism and substitute for whatever nocturnal erections you are currently lacking until you (hopefully) do recover.

I agree with your analysis Redbear. It’s hard to explain why I feel this way but after much reading about neuron injury (thanks for the link btw), I think it’s most likely ischemic injury. (Funny thing is, I think some research now might say the warm bath after wasn’t a good idea. Most ischemic injury apparently happens with the rapid reintroduction of oxygen to cells. Oh well.)

Anyway, it’s interesting you mention pumping. I recently had the same thought myself. There does seem to be some slight improvement from having erections/ increased blood flow (who knows if it’s real or imagined but it makes sense logically), but the goal is to gain that without having to be rough with the penis or use constant physical pressure on the skin. I really want to be gentle. Pumping seems to be the right answer there. I may be picking up a bathmate or it’s equivalent soon.

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