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Warmup Warm-down

Warmup Warm-down

How important are these? Well, I’m sure both are important, but which is more important.
It’d be weird for me to go to the bathroom with a towel for 5 minutes and turn the tap on and off to keep a towel warm (doing this would confuse the roommates). So instead I’m thinking of just taking a shower, and it would be weird to take 2 showers within a short period of time (again roommates).. So I’m thinking of just taking one shower.

My question is, should I take the shower before or after the PE session?

I hear a rice sock is a good idea, but I don’t know what I can say if someone saw me with one.. I don’t think I’d have a good use for it other than PE.

PS. I registered for this forum a long time ago and back then I didn’t have the time to do PE (and still don’t really), I’ve only done about 3 months of PE and that was when I had a private bathroom.

Warming up is more important in my opinion, but I’m sure you know it’s good to consistently include both. I sometimes just take a nice hot shower after my workout instead of my standard rice sock, but also, I almost always do some edging for 30+ minutes at the end of a workout, which is useful. As for your little dilemma, a gel pack may be a bit less conspicuous.

Originally Posted by firegoat
Damp heat does penetrate far more efficiently than dry heat. Less heating time is needed and the heat passes into the deeper tissues of the penis. However, a rice sock is not the best way to apply damp heat, as Mjolnir points out above.

The best thing is to go to your local drugstore/chemist and buy a microwaveable gel heat/cold pack. (Buy two. Everyone should have one in the freezer in case of sprains or strains anyway as well as their PE one. They are cheap. )
These should not be used directly against the penis (they will stick; ouch), so wrap a thin damp cloth (T shirt material/dishcloth etc.) around your penis and apply the gel pack over that.

Before I started using an IR lamp, I used gel packs for years. They are excellent.

Good luck :cancer: .

If you are worried about your roommates seeing you heating a rice sock, simply put it on your shoulder and explain to them how it’s a great heating element and that you can’t find your heating pad ( because you haven’t purchased it) and use the rice sock. Then the next time they see you heating it, they will think it’s for your shoulder.

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Hey bro leave a cup in the restroom . Just fill up the cup 3/4 full with hot or warm water , then put ur member right in . It’s stays warm for about 3-5 mins

I had a similar dilemma since I live in the dorms. I have found that for me it helps to add in my PE during my shower. You can still get your warm up and warm down in that way. For example, first wash your hair and upper body while warming up with really hot water, then do some PE. Then when you finish that you can wash your lower half while doing your warm down. This is assuming you can do your PE in the shower. Hope it helps!

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