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Warmup questions

Warmup questions

OK I’m just wondering. I could get one of these heat pads, put a spare microwave i have next to bed and that way i can hot wrap conveniently.

Is that just as effective as a messy, annoying, water-dripping-down-your-leg, having-to-go-to-toilet-and-get-things-together hot wrap? Or is the moisture in the hot wrap important for the process? The manual said that you could wrap the heat pad in a damp cloth, for a better, ‘moist’ heat….

People often use a rice sock and pop it in the microwave. So long as the heat pad can be wrapped around your dick and keeps the heat for a while then I’d say it would be very effective as a warmup method.

I just use a washcloth. I fold the washcloth in half, put hot water on it and the wring it out. I warm up for 5 min and usually only have to rewarm it once maybe twice.

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