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Warmup question

Warmup question

I do a 5min hot shower warm up, directing the stream of hot water directly at my cock. Still, the period between finishing it and actually starting PE is a bit long (~15 mins). You know, I have to dry myself, get through the painful process of putting anti-acne creams on my body (takes a while), etc.

Is such a long interval ok, or should I really start stretching ASAP?

It’s kinda hard because I still live with parents, they are rather inquisitive and would never ever accept something like PE lol so I need to be rather discrete all the time, in other words, shower is my only chance for a proper warm up.

Also, that means I stretch and jelq in bed :p

Started: 01/02/2009 ; BPEL: 5.5'' ; EG: 4.35''

01/03/2009 Checkpoint: BPEL 6.0'' ; EG 4.5 '' ; Suspended: 02/03/2009 ; Restarted: 05/01/2010 ; Suspended again: 01/02/2010

Goal: BPEL: 7.0''; EG: 5.5''

You should start ASAP. After 15 mins, every thing will return to normal temperature, and you’ll not get the benefits of heat.

What you could try is to get out of the shower first and soak a towel in hot/warm water and wrap your dick in it. You could then warm up your dick in the cloth, reheating once it gets cold, until you finish with your creams and other stuff. Alternatively you could do the warm cloth wrap after you finish, I think that you should still be able to maintain the privacy of the toilet with the cloth wrap, and quickly begin your PE routine after.

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