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Warming up

Warming up

Why not jerk your tool before peing instead of using the warm wrap. Also, I still havent gained sh*t.

Hello D-Block,

Warming up will make your tissue more supple, thus you will be maximising the benefits of both the jelqing and the stretching.

Oh! If you are still constipated take some laxatives. They’ll help. :)

Take care.

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Originally Posted by D-Block
Why not jerk your tool before peing instead of using the warm wrap. Also, I still havent gained sh*t.

Because some people may not be able to reach the required erection level for jelqing. Some do, some don’t, depends on the person.

And drop the attitude. You’ve only been PEing 5 months, some people dont even gain in the first 12 months. If you can’t stick with it, dont do it.

And if you’re so certain it doesnt work (judging by your old posts) then why are you even bothering?

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I second Slack’s advice. Lose the attitude.
If you don’t think PE works for you, then go ahead and quit.

No one is going to hold your hand while you continue to bitch and complain as you have in earlier posts.

I had the same problem as you for the first two weeks, but I started doing something different and after the last 6 I have gotten fantastic results. It’s an idea that bodybuilders used, my mate at the gym taught me it, and I applied it to PE with great results

If you want to get fantastic muscle gains, than what you do is add a little bit of weight every single set, every single day. For example, if you curl 30 lbs, you would curls 3 sets of 30, 31, and 32. Next day/week you would do 31,32,33, doing all of this with emphasis on form and short rest in between sets.

While the penis isn’t technically a muscle which you pointed out so matter of factly in a previous thread, any tissue/ligament/tendon will respond to stimulation, you just need to find the right kind.

Since you are still on the newbie routine, I would say make every 2 days 1 “set”. Now for every set you increase, go up with slightly more pressure, squeezing the penis harder and harder for each set. I have also been going up 5 jelqs per each set. Do you think the guy in the PE instructional videos started at the insanely high pressure he did? No, he worked his way up and once he got experience he got to the point where he could squeeze that hard without rupturing blood vessels. See if this helped you, I know it helped me.

Jerking off pumps blood to your tool thus creating heat and a stretch. So why doesnt it count as a warm up?

Because it doesn’t hit the tissues, it does indeed create friction, different type of heat.

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