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Warming up

Warming up

Hey Thunder,

Hope this is a better thread.Just a quick question. Do you still get any gains if you don’t have time to

Warm up first? There is many times when I just don’t have the time.Thanks,big ed

Well, warming up and down helps in growth. Sometimes I don’t do a 5 min warm wrap or with heat, I just kegel or do like whatever to get it ready. However, I always do something to warm down. I prefer 5 min heating pad or hot wash cloth.

I don’t know of any proof that warm-ups improve growth. It is very likely though that they prevent injuries.
I have not used warm-ups for a long time and still seen gains.


Do a search for Shivers heat thread. Lots to read.

regards, mgus

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Heat has helped me SO much id advise doing it from the start, my gains didn’t kick in until I started using heat.

Thank you for the information. Big ed

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