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Warming Up...

Warming Up...

Besides hot wash towels or rice socks, would anyone suggest warming up with Ben-Gay or Icy-Hot prior to PE workout?

See this on Ben Gay.

You’re looking for warm moist heat. Some people use a tub of warm water. Others have use heat pads or similar (unique heat). Check Aladdin’s bottle for a good alternative.

I have tried a few methods and get the best results from, the standard warm wash towel concept.

Try not to scald yourself :) thats not nice.

Alrighty then! I won’t be using any mediated muscle ache cremes! lol…Anyways, the other warm-up methods look good…I’ll stick with the hot wash cloth for now…thanks memento.

lol. Yeah seems a bit intense :)

Rotating wash cloth is my method. One warms up while the other is in use.


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