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Warming up prior and warming down post jelq sessions

Warming up prior and warming down post jelq sessions

Is it REALLY all that necessary? That has got to be the most tedious step for me, and I’ve gone without doing that for a while now. Is it just my belief that this is just to get more blood flowing to the penis so as to facilitate the jelqing exercises? Or does it help in other stuff? It’s just ugh I hate having to warm up and warm down :(

Both are important- don't avoid

Hi Maxcohen,

Warm Up(Important)

Well warm up have been a good experience for me as it expands the tissues and ligaments in a better way so penis gets more stretchable, conditioned it well for the PE workout session.

Warm Down-(More important)

Warm down helps in taking fatigue out of penis and ligaments, this helps in quick healing and recovery.This in turn is helpful as when you start your next PE workout your penis health is in a better state to go for all the stretches and twisting. If you are going for a PE session in morning , then also do a moist warm up (using cloth and warm water) for 3-5 minutes before going to bed. A warm bath before going to bed is even better.

Hope this helps


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