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Warm Up

Warm Up

Wouldn’t a plain electric heater or a blow dryer work for warming up? I mean it seems much easier then anything else, except that it’s dry air heat, but does it matter?

Don’t know about the electric heater but do a search and you’ll see many vets don’t like the blow dryer, apparently it only heats the surface.

I wouldn’t think it would matter, but I recall one time getting curious about using a blow dryer to dry off my pubic hair, and that thing got HOT even on the low heat settings. I think actual contact between the skin and heat is best such as a ricesock.

Maybe some of the vets have used what you are wondering about, and can give their input.

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There was a post about blow dryers not so long ago. If my memory serves correct someone mentioned it would cause skin irritation? Regardless I’m positive it is less effective than ‘traditional’ warm-ups, and therefore isn’t personally advised.

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Rice sock is the best imo

Hot towel warm up is best; Get the benefits of the hot water and the steam going into your cock, and you can massage into the base and the shaft- even do a few jelqs with the hot towel. Get your junk blood circulating!


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