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Warm up

Warm up

Is there anything besides using a hot towel/water/rice sock that i can use for warm up. I think i heard somewhere i could do light jelqing for 5 minutes, would this work?


Repeatedly hitting the shift keys will warm up your pinkies. :)

Some like infrared lamps.

If you can’t use heat of some kind, ease slowly into your routine. Go easy for the first few minutes.

Heating pad. That’s what I use now and it get’s me in pretty nice shape for jelqing.

Same here. I use a heating pad. It works great.

Everyone is different. Some may need lots of heating, some don’t.
I skipped warm-ups altogether 2-3 months ago, and am still gaining with good progress and still haven’t hurt myself. It could be that I get more red spots and discoloration nowadays, but besides that I haven’t noticed any side effects.
Of course, I do not know if I would have gained even more using warm-ups, or less…


I’ll have to try the heating pad. I fill a beer pitcher up with hot water (bearable) and dip both the penis and the scrotum in there. Then I tip the pitcher back to trap it in the water. I do this while laying in a bathtub. Seems like a lot of work for a warmup. This is probably why I skip a lot of warmups.

I do the rice sock wrap. It is a nice moist heat. Don’t over-nuke it though…..YEEAAOOOWWW!!!!!


I like to start out with a really hot bath. I mean a *really* hot bath. That heats up my tiny bathroom to a sauna-like temperature and it stays warm for a while.

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