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In the house I currently live in, the hot water doesn’t last for long in the shower. I started PE one week ago, and do the 5 minute warm-up the second I get into the shower. After I finish the warmup I wash my body for a few minutes. In the few minutes where I am actually showering, the water is on the colder side. I make sure to shower as quickly as possible, and do my best to avoid the cold water hitting my penis. Is the few minutes in cold water negatively affecting my gains?

Given that you are getting hit with cold immediately after your warm up? It probably balances out to not having any warm up. Any way you can invest in an IR lamp or heating pad? Or can nuke a rice sock when you PE?

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Grab a wash cloth and soak it in hot water from the tap, then repeat a few times. Do your routine then and shower afterwards.

I can’t use a rice sock due to privacy issues. I think I’ll start my warm-up at the sink, then shower in the warm water and after continue my routine. Thanks guys.

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A thermos bottle with some washcloths in hot water as heat reserve for pre-training warm-up?
Warm-down post-training under the shower.

Could be a solution, only question remaining:
Hey man, why are you always walking to the bath with a thermos under your arm? ;-)

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