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Warm up using body heat

Warm up using body heat

I have used the hot wrap.But it was inconvient and cooled down so fast.I may get an electric blanket.In the meantime I’ve been wrapping my penis in a large towel,layering it,then wrapping a blanket,also layering that.

After just a few minutes,my body heat seems to soften and warm up my penis for stretching or jelqing.Do you guys think this is suffient?

Go get an electric heat pad from Target, made by Kaz, for about 15 bucks. It works great. Model Number HP710. It has a blue heat pad on the box.

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A rice sock works best for me. I like it because the type of heat it gives off is more like a mild steam - moist but not wet. It costs next to nothing and provides a shape conforming heat source. For $25 at Wal-Fart I picked up a small micro-wave and I keep it in my office where I do most of my hanging. You could probably find a used micro-wave at a tag sale or thrift shop for as little as $5 -10.

One minute of nuking provides about 10 minutes of excellent moist heat.


Is a rice sock something you buy, or did you literally take a suck and put rice in it?


Originally posted by Biaxident

Is a rice sock something you buy, or did you literally take a suck and put rice in it?



A rice sock is exactly that. Get some whole grain white rice (not the instant kind), put it in a sock and heat in microwave. Just be sure to experiment with the amount of time you heat and test out the temperature before placing it anywhere near your dick.


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