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Warm up question

Warm up question

Hi I’m new to this site(I just joined today), and was wondering if I could use soap for lubrication when warming up. I’ve actually been PE’ing for about 2 and a half weeks, and using soap, the whole time. Thanks for your response, and this has been a great site!

Soap will cause irritation. Use maybe conditioner ? Not 100% sure.

Do NOT use soap or shampoo! These can irritate the skin when applied vigorously and for long periods. It can also dry out the skin severely, causing it to crack and peel for a few days. Furthermore, it can sting if it gets into the hole (the urethral opening) at the end of your penis.

Vaseline (Petroleum jelly) works, but.. Be forewarned.. It’s greasy and makes a mess. Another downside is that Vaseline is so thick, it may not allow you to move your hand as fast as you’d like.

Baby Oil also works, but it is also very messy and leaves stains.

One of your best bets is using Vaseline Intensive Care. It cleans up fairly easily, is slippery, it lasts long, and lets you go as fast as you want when performing the exercises.

I wouldnt recommend soap, however I use soap because I dont like clean up and I am lazy. I also have a problem when shaving with irritation of the skin. I dont know if its just my face that has sensitive skin or what, but I always use Dove moisturizing soap when I shower and I think that helps with the drying out part. I’m sure if you use normal soap it will not be the best. That being said I have always used Dove becuase i jelq when im in the shower and its convenient with no clean up and I have never had a problem with irritation or drying. Again, with that being said baby oil or some other lubricant is probably a better option if you want to go all out. I guess you have to test it out for yourself, but if you are going to go the soap route like me I would recommend Dove.

Ya I agree do not use soap it will definitely dry out your skin trust me I’ve tried it and it now I use baby lotion it’s much better and keeps the skin from getting dry

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I’ve used soap (mild one) for 4months w/out any side effects. But YMMV and I’ve switched to baby oil like everyone suggests

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Originally Posted by askme1
I’ve used soap (mild one) for 4months w/out any side effects. But YMMV and I’ve switched to baby oil like everyone suggests

Wow, sounds like my routine in the shower when I was a teenager. Brings back some fond memories! :)

Soap is bad, a WATER SOLUBLE based lube is best and it wipes off quickly with a damp wash cloth or just a paper towel. I did use KY Jelly, but have recently changed, per suggestions from other TP members.

I now use ASTROGLIDE GEL, available in any drugstore. Although it is a gel, is not thick and slippery, but to slippery. You can still get good traction, but it gives you a good slide along with it. If it dries out a bit, just wet your hands with a little water and it’s slick as heck again! And, it is condom compatible.

By the way, askme1, WELCOME from another Newbie (APR2007)! May all your goals be fulfilled. Remember, persistence, persistence, persistence!

You should fill out your PE Statistics soon, so that you can keep a record of your progress. Click the “quick links” bar at the top and then PE Statistics. It’s easy. Good PEing!

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