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Warm up question

Warm up question

I’ve got a quick warm question. Only been doing this for four days but for warmup I’ve been turning the shower on quite hot and aiming it right on my unit, cupping my had while holding it to keep as much hot water on it as possible. I do this for about five minutes and then start stretching while keeping the hot water hitting it. Then I usually lube up for Jelqing and do it out of the hot water as I’m still struggling a bit to do a good job at it. Never though I would have any trouble stroking myself. LOL I’ve been stretching for about 5 minutes and Jelqing for about 5 to get started. Anyways, I’d like to get some advice on this warmup and overall routine and get any recommendations.

The only thing wrong with your warm up is it’s going to cost you big bucks to heat all that hot water.

Originally Posted by gprent

The only thing wrong with your warm up is it’s going to cost you big bucks to heat all that hot water.

Never really thought about that but I don’t think I really care. I guess I’ll check my electric bill after next month and if it’s up a $100 or something I’ll change it.

What I’ve been doing is filling a sink with hot water and getting a flannel and soaking it and wrapping it around my penis.. Then with my right hand I will keep re-soaking it to keep it hot. And with my left I hold a book which I can read whilst ‘warming up’.

I warm-up with my morning showers.

I do the exact same routine as englandengland.


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