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Warm up problems

Warm up problems

Hi! I have a problem regarding warm up and jelqing. I warm up for 5 minutes after that I jelq but the problem is I have difficulties erecting, but when I jelq without a warm up it can give me very good erection. I uses towel soaked on hot water and the water I use is very hot, hot enough for me to take it.

What is your advice?
How hot is the water?

And another thing is there any difference between jelqing standing up and sitting down.

I think 103 degrees F. Is about the right temperature for warm ups. Measure it with a thermometer. When your jelqing you don’t want to have an erection, only about 50 percent. Even jelqing at low levels is still beneficial.
I always jelq sitting down. Usually at the edge of the chair. Sitting or standing as long as you perform them properly, your good to go.

Oh, and welcome to the forum! :)

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Man the worst problem I have when I begin PE is this damn erection on jelq, but the simplest way to resolve is kegel, kegel and kegel.

The effectiveness of the hot wrap does not come from intense heat, but rather moderate heat that is applied long enough to heat the penis all the way through. So perhaps if you choose a more comfortable heat, you can get an erection while you hot wrap because it feels so good.

Everyone seems to get the idea that the way to do PE is to go to extremes, but that just doesn’t work. What works best is to do things at moderate levels that actually feel good.

I like to use a blow dryer to heat up.. It feels like it gets my dick nice and ready for anything. Also I think jelqing sitting down is more beneficial because it seems more blood goes into the penis sitting down. I do it from all angles trying to find the best reaction.. I also found that laying down gets it nice and plump too.

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Goal: 9 x 5.75

Thanks alot guys.

I will try all of your advice and see if which works for me

I have tried the blow dryer it is helpful thou but it is still very hot. How about if I will put a hot wrap using moderate heat of water and when it cools down I will blow dry to keep the cloth heating and the skin won’t get painful because of the cloth. Hows that?

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