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Warm Up Methods?

Warm Up Methods?

I know warming up and warming down is important, but I’m just wondering what are some methods for warming up/down? I skip out a lot of warm ups/downs because I can’t do it too discreetly. When I warm up, I usually just get a small hand towel and run it under hot water. This method is a little annoying for me because it goes cold within two minutes or so, so I have to warm it up twice for warm up. And then theres the warm down, so I’ll be making four trips to the bathroom just for that.

I am thinking about making a rice sock sort of thing where I can nuke it in the microwave for a little bit. Does anyone have any experience with this?

I’d like to get any sort of advice to make warm ups/downs easier and more discreet. Thanks!

You can make a rice sock, stay in the shower and pour warm water on the towel every 2 minutes or so, buy an IR lamp (easy to use, great warm up), an electric heating pad …

Warm down is not mandatory at all ( in my humble opinion).

I suggest you search through the forum, there are loads of threads on the topic.

I like the idea with the electric heating pad, thanks.

For me I warm up just letting the not very hot water running on my penis with some light massage then I dry it. That’s all I do :)

I use an electric heating pad though it is not very discreet. My wife is fully on-board with my PE so discretion isn’t a problem.

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Rice socks are the best. I will nuke mine. Apply it for about ten minutes, place it under blankets while hanging (this will keep it warm and ready to apply at my next break). The heat retention with a rice sock is impressive.

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