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Warm up: is it totally necessary


Warm up: is it totally necessary


I´m a newbie and began to pratice the newbie routine on last saturday.
I´d like to know if warm up is totally necessary.
I´m asking this because I work the entire day and it is possible that I want do pratice the routine in some place in the university´s or job´s bathroom.
But, doing this, it is impossible to warm up because I don´t have resources to do that.

What do you use to do about this situation? I think many people have an integral work here.

Thanks a lot.

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There is no hot water in the bathroom?

Heyyy sorry I have no idea cause I’m new too but can you send me the link to the routine you found please cause I’m not really sure what to do haha

Off course I can help you, boxingpro14.
Link of the newbie routine: Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine
You can do exercises based on the movies posted near the routine as well.

And, ddolphin, unfortunately, there is not hot water in the bathroom. I live in a hot country and we don´t use to have hot water in the sink. And, about shower, at my work there is not one, and in the university, this would force my to take a shower at the university and I don´t use to do that.

Any suggestions?

Starting 02-18-2010: Length: 17cm (6.63''), Girth: 14cm (5,46'')

Goal: Size: 20.5 cm (8''), Girth: 15.38 cm (6'') For a while

For what it’s worth, I think heat is very very important.

I think worst case scenario…for me personally I would at least fowfer (even standing) for 20 - 30 minutes to get things all warmed up.

Hi all!

I´d like to know how people that work and study (being an integral time busy) usually do their exercises.

Maybe the title of the thread is unclear, but this is my curiosity.


Starting 02-18-2010: Length: 17cm (6.63''), Girth: 14cm (5,46'')

Goal: Size: 20.5 cm (8''), Girth: 15.38 cm (6'') For a while

Take a little bag of rice (not boiled rice, just small seeds :) ), warm it up in microwave and put into your pants, it’ll sure warm you up

I reckon that warm-up is just advisable, but not a necessary component of PE. There’s no need to warm-up if you just gonna make a short PE-workout in the bathroom at work.

After practicing PE for more than 2 years I can say that at least for me there is almost no difference if I’m warmed up or not.

I don’t know if it’s absolutely necessary. But things seem to go better for me when I do it.

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I have come to realize that without heating up penis first I cannot hang because it will hurt. I warm a towel with how water put it in a plastic bag then wrap penis in it. Around 10 minutes after I am well heated I can apply hanger with no problem. I do not need heat for manual exercises though just for hanging. The main problem I am having now is my sister will not leave my apartment so suddenly I do not have the privacy to hang it is pissing me off she comes daily and stays till very late. I need to install a lock on my bedroom door she once almost caught me hanging as she has key to my apartment for emergency. Sorry for going off topic I am frustrated right now waiting for her to leave so I can hang.

Vets say we should, so I do. Warm down I don’t take that seriously.

No warm up = Less gains (trust me)

No warm up = More injuries

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Did I mention they are flaccid measurments?...Kidding! :p

It is wise to warm up before everything in life.

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