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I’m just curious about why a warm down is necessary. A warm-up is obvious.increase penis warmth to lessen the chance of injury, but why a warm-down after the work is done? Wouldn’t it be better to keep the organ as hard as possible afterward, and maybe go straight to kegels? I noticed the warm-down makes me totally flaccid.


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I’m not too sure really. What i gather is that it keeps the blood flow up after a PE session to stop any muscles or veins etc. from jamming up. maybe a prevention for Thrombosed veins

I forgot the exact reasons why warming-down is a good thing to do, to be honest. I use an IR-lamp before and during my PE-sessions, so heating it up is not a problem. I never warm-down. I end my session with a cool-down. I do this by turning the IR-lamp off, and holding my dick in a light stretch while I let it return to it’s normal temperature. I have found out that this gives me a much better post-workout hang! :) I’d say try it once, to see how it works for you.

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