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Warm Down, how important?

Warm Down, how important?

I’ve decided to skip the warm down altogether as I feel it’s counter-productive to my sessions. I use hot water to warm up/warm down. It’s not big deal warming up but it seems that when I warm down it actually shrinks my unit. I get a much fuller, longer lasting hang if I don’t put my tool in hot water for 5 mins after my workout.

So, my questions are: how important is the warm down to PE? Should I always do it even if it makes my unit turtle? Could the benefits of a better flaccid hang outweigh the benefits of the warm down?

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Best things to do is a search on this forum on warm down. Or for more general information do a google search on warm down.

They give reasons both for warming up and warming down.

Hope that helps!

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I just do “firegoat rolls” after jelqing, with a 20 to 50% erection, until my willy is back to normal colour. Seems to work well.

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Some people do cool down, with the idea of freezing the ligaments in an elongated state. Personally I don’t see reasonable arguments to seriously consider warming/cooling down.

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