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Warm "Bundling" anyone? Worth a try.

Warm "Bundling" anyone? Worth a try.

I became interested in “Bundling” when I first read that the Tunica is multi-vectoral in one or more of the tunica layers. Some of us have only one layer, some have three or two. I have no idea how many I have but perhaps this discussion may apply to me and perhaps to you as well. By “multi-vectoral it is meant that the lines of formative strength are in all directions in one or more layers much like a fabric with warps and woofs in many directions, like a woven fabric of many force threads.

So, you might say that when you stretch with success, pulling SO, SD, BTC etc., you are merely stressing the linear fibers only and not the transverse which are, of course multi-directional. For this reason, I believe “bundling” may have validity for giving transverse fibers a workout, and I believe I may have found an effective procedure.

This is merely a variant of the BUNDLED STRETCH. You must warm up using the hot wash cloth method. As you know , you fold two wash cloths in thirds and alternate them in and out of a basin of hot water or from under a hot water spigot. You wrap the short way since your penis is hopefully flaccid. You should massage slightly while warming…but stay flaccid!

After five minutes, wrap the warm wash cloth snugly and slowly twist 360 degrees clockwise. Amazingly the tufts of the wash cloth will help you do this very comfortably. With a reasonable grip and moderate pressure you do the regular stretch routine: SO,SD etc.on a 30 second or less interval and at the end of each pull, hold the pull and kegel a few times. Of course you repeat in a counter-clockwise direction, If,between pull directions you feel that the cloth is too cool, then heat up and re-torque to continue.

This is a a rather strong stetching component and is good as the morning part of a split routine with jelqs in the evening. Obviously, a warm down will not be needed —just wring out the wash cloths.


Please move this thread to Main Member Forum. This is not a Newbie exercise. My Mistake.


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