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Wanting to start

Wanting to start

Hi everyone, I’m new here. I want to start some PE excercise’s and would like some input on what would be the best to start out with. I’m currently: Lenght = 6 3/4” x Circ = 5” . So as you might of guessed i would like to mostly add girth seeing 5” is not much. Could sumone please reffer me the best way to acheive this for a beginner. The only goals I have set so far are any gains in general. when you just name the actual excercise I dont know how each one works ( how you perform them ) so I will need refference to that as well. thanks ahead of time.

P.S i tried to take some pics but couldnt hold the measureing tape and hold my dick down as it naturally points upwards. so i will do so when i get a soft tape.

Are you saying 6 3/4” is the final length you want? If not concentrate on length until you get that and then flip to concentrating on girth. I understand that you want the girth now but it is a strongly held belief here that the more girth you have the harder length gains are to acheive.

Check the FAQ link at the bottom of the page for how to do the execises.

Check the Newbie routine for a good starting routine and consider joining the experiment.

Try to use a solid ruler for measurement and push your penis to the ruler if you bend.

Thanks for the reply Memento, my current length is 6 /34” and girth 5”. I dont know what i want to acheive yet because I really dont know what would be realistic. ok thanks ill check the faq out. I’ll be more through this time.. thanks again

Ok now i found the info about excercise’s. thanks. I was also wondering if i should get a pump. and if that would be the best route to go, as i want to keep the time i have to do the excercise’s to a minimum and pumping seems to be the easiest and least time consuming. I do understand the commitment , i just dont wanna have to spend an hour a day seeing it would be hard living with others.

Do a little reading before you start purchasing. People often pump after some other for of PE as a way of encouraging the gains to stay.

You are looking at a 1-2 year commitment and probably 1/2 hour per day minimum for stretching/jelqing or hanging.


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