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Wanting to start agian, but also am affraid.

Wanting to start agian, but also am affraid.

Hey guys.

Last october I tried jelqing, however I quickly got an injury because of overtraining(pumping too hard) and trying to stretch while being turtled/not being warmed up enough.

Now, a good 4 months later I realy want to start agian, by no means I am small but i just want that huge cock.
However I am affraid i’d injure myself agian.

So in this dilemma i’d wonder if it would be worth it PE’ing agian, I mean the stories of guys here are so inspiring, and I’d love to have that monster dick.
Would any veterant got any advice what I’d have to do if anything like this would happen agian?

Current size: 19.5cm by 12.5 cm

Short term goal: 21cm by 14cm

Long term goal: 23cm by 16 cm

If you are worried about injury than it’s simple do the opposite of what u did last time. This go around do two things, Warm up (most important), don’t pump hard. Try that and you should be good :)

Start:7.5 BPEL X 5 MSEG

Goal: 7 MSEG

Heere We GOOooh!

cant be aggressive and anxious, pe takes time effort and consistency, but mostly TIME. like LordVayne says do the opposite, warming up and not pumping to hard is a good idea if your new to PE

Jan 1 2011

Nbpel 4.9 inch. Bpel 5.35 inch

Nbpfl 3 inch

I second this, I have terrible patience, I hate waiting for anything even fast food. But I realised with PE there is no room for impatience.

Start January 2011 - NBPEL 7.1, BPEL 7.3, EG 5.5, FL ~4.5 FG ~4.5

AIM Long term - NBPEL 8 BPEL 8.3 EG 6 FL 6 FG 5

If you’re really seriously committed but worried about another injury then start keeping a pe journal. I reccomend either a spiral note book or a compass book. Record your daily logs starting with the date, time, pe exercises/routine, sets/reps,erection level, and anything else you feel needs to be logged like emotional feelings, thoughts about how to improve your workout etc.
For example

Saturday, 2/10/11
Day 1
5 min heating pad warm up
5-way stretch 20 sec each direction
150 wet jelqs (2-3 sec each)
5 way stretch 1 min each direction
100 kegels
10 min hot shower

* Today was a good workout but I feel like I could do more without injury. I will increase the jelqs next week to 170 and stretches to 3x30 sec each direction.
** EQ level 9/10
End example

I have had many injuries in the past and am even recovering from a bout of overtraining right now. I fan tell you from years of experience that you do not want to push yourself past ONE HOUR, all the while monitoring for excessive red spots/bruising, cold feeling, numbness, and low EQ while peeing. Once you start to have troubles maintaining an erection it’s time to stop every once and a while you can edge up 2 or 3 more times and do a few more jelqs (20-100) but it’s not going to be easy.

After your struggles with pe you may not want to take a shower or warm up again but I highly recommend it for enhanced circulation and avoidance of bruising. The only excepting to this rule is if you have massive swollen donut which can interfere with recovery as well ad edging and urination for this nothing works faster than a cold compress of hot water intermittently switched with warm ups. Now if your pe session was overly taxing you might not want to over stress you penis with masturbation and full release, because the processes in which zinc and vital minerals, proteins, DNAs etc are excreted out of the body the process to rebuild them takes a strong toll on the body to replenish. In order to help yourself heal as fast as possible I highly recommend you cut back on masturbation to 2-3 times a week. Don’t argue with me on this one just give it a shot for two weeks and see if you can handle one more session a week after that.

If you take away anything from my ranting know this…..

Almost all of my injuries in the past were from the foolish belief that no pain is no gain.
Just one more set of stretches, just one more hundred or so jelqs, just one more pumping session…
Just one more month of rehab.

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