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Wanting new workout

Wanting new workout

Hello all,

Glad I could finally join. I’ve visited the site and read lots of post, and am happy the site is open to new membership. Once again, glad to be here.

A little about me. In the early 90’s I found an article in a men’s magazine about jelqing. I gave it a try, but since it didn’t really give detailed instructions (like the ones on this site), it didn’t really work. Years went by, and I tried pumping. Now pumping I like. It’s given me rock hard (and veiny) erections, and increased my girth some. Six months after packing my first tube I actually gained a quarter inch in length.

After visiting this site, I’ve taken a sort break from pumping to give jelqing another try. I’ve been doing the newbie routine, and am starting to get my jelq technique down pat. I really hope this helps with my length problem.

Since length is my main goal. I’m in the market for a static stretcher (something similar to a jes extender only with a strap not a noose) and am close to buying one. Do any vets out there use one? If so, do you have a routine for using one that incorporates the jelq workout?

Again, it’s great finally being here with veteran PE’ers


Welcome to Thunder’s Naab! (I’ve met your Swedish cousin, Saab).

IMO, if you’re looking for length, the extender-type devices are good as an adjunct to a hanging or stretching program.

GM gained almost no EL (but a lot of EG) through 10 years of pumping: it was only when GM started hanging/ traction wrapping that the EL gains appeared.

Having said that, learning manual PE is a crucial place to begin your PE journey: the exercises are far more convenient than hanging, and should you ever want to hang, six months of manual should give you enough conditioning to start.


Hey Everyone, First off I would like to thank Thunder and everyone that posts on this site for allowing new members again, I also (like most of the new members) tried clicking on the registration button everyday, as I checked in to see what was new, or concerns of the people here. I haven’t done any pe’s of any kind, up until I found Thunders Place.

I am an owner of an extender, that I purchased a couple of month’s ago, and they sent literature with the extender, that was extremely vague!! They also sent information on stretches and jelqing, but again extremely vague!! One of the more educated members of our extender forum, made a post that had information of Thunders Place in it. And from that point on I’ve been coming here and trying to become a member of your community. (Again Thank You) There is a certain something here that I just can’t put my finger on, but the members of my extender forum where pretty much not there for support or share their experience’s like the members here. There where about five members that I couldn’t wait to see what they’d post or where they stood on that question. And I get that same feeling from everybodys post’s here. So I like that a lot.

So at any rate, sorry to babble so much, to answer your question Naab, (to the best I can) extenders take a lot of time!! The one I use is of very high quality, but they recommend that you wear it for 12 hours a day, and guaranty you a 3” gain in one year. Who the hell can do that? I don’t have that kind of time. At best you can get about 4 hours a day in, and still have some kind of social life, but again not easy to do. The thing’s they do here are so much easier on your own time frame that it’s the way to go.

I still stretch for about an hour or so, and then do jelqing for ten minutes after, instead of sitting in the extender for hours at a time. They do work but it’s a very time committed process. Good luck everyone, and again Thanks!

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