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wanted to say hello

wanted to say hello

hi, stumbled across the board by accident but have a few questions. i’m familiar with various exercises i bought one of those memberships and it was actually quite informative. i bought it over a year ago and gave it a try a couple times but always lost interest. i would do the towel warm up, 5 minutes of stretching, and jelq for 20 minutes, then warm towel again. i was doing it mon-fri for a few weeks. the reason i always stopped is because i’d always have a problem maintaining the 80% erection needed to jelq. now i don’t have a problem with erections when i masturbate, or when i have sex. no premature ejaculation, everything works fine and how it’s supposed to. it’s just that i can’t get it up for the exercises. what i was thinking about doing was getting some cialis and use it solely for the exercises. i’d also like to know if you know of a good cockring to help keep the blood in my penis while i exercise. my main concern is that by using the cialis i will then need it to maintain an erection, or cause erectile dysfunction. that i don’t want. is cialis too much for my purposes? is there something else anyone can recomend? if i do decide to go with it, what should my dose be?

Welcome to the boards.
What I do when jelqing if I lose my erection is give it a few strokes over the clans to get it hard again. Some porn might also help just to keep it harder.
Personally cant help you with the Cialis question, I take Viagra sometimes but never to jelq.


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Hello Mr. Happypants-

My recommendation would be to jelq with less than an 80% erection. That way you decrease your chance of injury, you stay more consistent, and you don’t spend a lot of money on C.
80% - is a pretty vague number.

Welcome to Thunder’s Place! Nice to have you on board.
Love your screen name :leftie:


That is the most awesome handle I have ever seen.

Welcome to Thunder’s!


Thanks guys. Let me explain myself a little better. I’ll have no problem getting an erection at the start of the exercise, but eventually when i do then it’s pretty hard for me to get one again to continue. It feels like when i flex to get blood to my penis i get no blood moving. Sort of like limp dick. Like i said before i have no problems during sex, just exercises. I had been doing like 500 PC flexes a day with a 2-3 second pause so i know that muscle is more or less healthy. Maybe i could do the exercise and when I’m at a loss of erection I’ll stop until i get mentally and physically used to it. Does that sound like a good idea?

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Follow the newbie routine for a few weeks please. And with any luck you will start seeing gains. We don’t want anyone here to get injured in the pursuit of a bigger penis.

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