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Wanted: Penimaster Modified Head

Wanted: Penimaster Modified Head

Hi, I’m a member of LPSG, and someone told me to come over here with a question I had. Does anyone have a Autoextender Modified Head for the Penimaster or JES? I have the Penimaster and it’s so uncomfortable. I’ve tried anything and everything. Anyway, Monkeybar told me he is no longer selling this head (which is understandable due to pressure from the companies) and I desperately need one! So does anyone have one they are willing to sell, or an extra one they don’t use? I basically just need the plastic piece, as I can easily order the sleeves. Please help soon!

No one?? :( I’m so fed up with the Penimaster and cold head and pain.. I have to take it off all the time. Does anyone know of a way I could make one myself? Or, if you DO have the head piece for the Penimaster conversion, let me know! I need to buy one!

Just out of curiosity, but why does a “support group” for people with large penis’s, give advice on making them even bigger? Isn’t the point of a support group to help each other out (ie support) with a common problem. Isn’t advocating penis enlargement techniques abit like an Alcoholic’s support group having a “how to ferment your own beer” section?

Hahaha :)

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