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want to.....

want to.....

Hello every1 i am new here and just have a few questions. I want to make my penis bigger( i know just like everyone else). I am currently 5.75 in. I tried jelqing and stretching but i always get an erection. I thought about taking pills, but i dont know wear to get them and i have to be descreet about it. If anyone has advice or comments please let me know! Thanks!!

Pills are worthless, avoid them as the only thing that they will actually do is make your wallet “lighter”… Stick to a basic routine until you have conditioned yourself to a more heavy workout, then stick with it… Guys who start below 6 seem to gain MUCH faster then others who start out over 7”…

BTW, VERY nice to have you here!

Do not buy pills!!!!!!!!

Repeat that line 1000 times ok. They will not make your dick bigger.

You have a few options - hanging, pumping, stretching, jelqing. Have a read of the forums, then read more, then read even more. At the end of that you will have a grip of the situation.

Definately do not buy pills,from these penis pill companies.You can get the same stuff at your local drug store for a 1/3 of their prices.Plus if you want a refund its like pulling teeth,they suck..

What type of program should i do? Yea i heard the ginko bilaba(sp?) actually helps, but im not sure. You can tell im new to this whole thing, but i feel this is something i have to do, as i feel really small. I am simi-afraid to have sex because of the size of my penis, i would like to get to 7, but 6.5 is fine to. Thanks for your replies, and im glad i found this group!!!\

p.s. as i said i cant seem to jelq or do any of those things because i get a stupid erection.

Have a look at the newbie routine in the Newbie forum, that’s a good place to start off your program. I use’d to get an erection also when I first started pe. Now nearly 8 months on I can do my routine without getting any unwanted erections. It’s only because you are used to using your penis for sex and not for turning it into a badass mofo dickzilla through working out. Give it time.

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Yo, bro - don’t sweat the erection thing. It is perfectly normal to do so - and, for some of the “exercises,” is desireable.

Work into a routine that feels good to you gradually. If you do get wood, take a break. It is not important to make certain that your “routine” gets done “on time,” it is - as I have learned here - important to be (1) consistent, (2) dedicated and (3) teachable.

By TEACHABLE in mean for you to: (1) let you body talk to you. It will tell you what is and is not OK to do, or how much …; (2) ask questions in this forum and in the chats, and (3) don’t get into too much of a hurry about this process.

Dam, bro - I wish it was a QUICK FIX thing, because I’d already be 8”+ nad thick as my forearm … but, alas, it just ain’t so —- YET!!!

Ask your bros - and sis’s - here at THUNDER’S for advice and encouragement. You will get it by the boatload.

You have come to the right place, amigo. Keep cummin’ back.


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Why not start with the newbie routine?

Have you done a search on BIB’s LOT theory? Have you determined your LOT?

Honestly no, im sorry i know that sounds stupid, but im new to this whole thing. Honestly i am not even sure where to start. Sorry if i make spelling errors by the way, english is my second language, but i try my best:)

***p.s.*** i just did the test and i feel a tug back when i am doing all of it. Less at 6;00 but i still feel it.***

If you are having trouble with getting erections while you are exercising, try ejaculating before you start your workout.

Pills are a poor investment! :down:

Instead, concentrate on getting the basics of PE, such as jelqs, manual stretches, kegals, the warm-ups and cool-downs, and starting a routine and sticking with it, instead!

As you gradually become used to the stimulation that you expose your penis to, it will become acclimatized and more used to the techniques, that you should be able to perform them easier with erections becoming less and less frequent at your will (during your PE session). You will eventually be able to control your erection with your mind thought processes, as well as physically with kegaling and manual stimulation to suit your particular techniques.

Another simple solution is to simply wait out the erection, and let it subside naturally. Don’t worry about the time initially, instead concentrate on good technique as the basis for your foundation. Proper technique is preferable to sloppily performed techniques, which get you nothing for your “hard” work!

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Hey latinoj77,

First off, nice to have you here.

Secondly, I started off at the same size as you (5.75” nbpel), and after close to 3 months, I am now 6.5” nbpel. I started off with the newbie routine in the newbie forum, and then got a mentor to help guide me.

Do the exercises right, and consistently and you will see results. Its like my mentor said, “this is a marathon, not a sprint”.

Keep at it!


Originally posted by latinoj77
Honestly no, im sorry i know that sounds stupid, but im new to this whole thing. Honestly i am not even sure where to start. Sorry if i make spelling errors by the way, english is my second language, but i try my best:)

We were all new once. When you’re new, the only stupid question is the one left unasked, PE related ofcourse.
You’re not making that much of spelling errors, but for the sake of readability, use capital “i” ( like “I” ), when talking about yourself and mayby “I’m” instead of “im”. :)

Read forum guidelines and faq! Much useful information up there, worth the while. :up:

Push the button. —-> Forum Guidelines

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