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Want to try infrared lamp for warmup is this set-up OK

Want to try infrared lamp for warmup is this set-up OK

Hi everyone, I’ve been reading old threads about using infrared lamps for warming up and I want to try it out, does this setup look OK? I saw this brooder lamp in another thread…-1373-FL-302PDQ and here’s the bulb…4663&lpage=none , I’m not too knowledgeable about electrical stuff so is this brooder light and infrared bulb all I need to buy or do I have to get anything else to hook it up to for safety reasons, etc.? Anyone who has used an infrared lamp to warm-up please reply. Thanks

Well you certainly can’t beat those prices. But the type of infrared I was more interested was using near-infrared, not far-infrared.

The lamp and bulb you posted about will work, but it’s going to produce a lot of heat (far-infrared).

The type I was in a thread talking about was near-infrared which is produced by LEDs. There is credible evidence that near-infrared penetrates well. Not to say the far-infrared won’t get you penetration, it’s just that you’re probably going to do some sweating to get it.

But, in the long run, and in my opinion, any heat is good. A near-infrared LED setup might cost as little as $35.00 though, so you might want to consider that option, too. The nice thing about that is you can apply it effectively without the heat or the electric bill.

Hmmmm, sounds interesting but I think I’m going to try the regular infrared lamp for now. I just want to know if I can just plug the brooder lamp into my wall socket or do I need an adapter of some sort? I’ve never used one of these before and like I said I’m not too knowledgeable on electrical stuff, I don’t want the thing blowing up or catching on fire. Thanks

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