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Want to introduce myself...

Want to introduce myself...

Hello all. After much reading and doubting, I’m ready to try this. I’m a guy who dreaded the common shower in high school and the military.I also dread pissing next to other guys. I haven’t measured yet but I’m about 5.5 inches erect, not thick either. My flaccid size is about 2-2.5 inches. My wife is happy with the sex; I don’t think she realizes that I’m not very well endowed. I need more mainly for me. So, like my chosen name, I’ve got my fingers crossed that PE will work for me. I want it to…SO MUCH! I’ve started with 10 min stretching and 10 wet jelqing 5 times a week. I would appreciate any and all advice. Thanks!

I’m also new to this site and I visit these forums regulary since 2-3 weeks.
Here’s a good thread that should help you getting started:

The most often asked and annoying questions!

Many greetings,


Hiya and welcome to Thunders,

I do spend quite a bit of time here reading and learning, there’s a lot of info and ideas to take in, but if you start from the bottom and work up I’m sure you will succeed.

There are a lot of great minds here who will help you on your quest.



Even though I’m fairly new here also, I should still be able to welcome you I hope. Welcome to thunder’s. I like your screen name, but I don’t think you will have to cross your fingers in order to make gains with the knowledge you will learn from everybody here.

One way to realize what penis enlargement can do for you (as it has for many others here) is to figure total penile volume. Let’s assume that you are currently 5.5” elbp x 4.5”egms. If you could successfully pe your way up to having 7.3”elbp x 6”egms, you would possess almost twice the penile volume that you have now, although your gains in length and circumference would only be 25% more each way. I believe this is why penis size can be so confusing to understand sometimes.

I don’t think anyone here would disagree that manual exercises are the best way to start pe. However, you should increase the jelq time to at least twenty minutes very soon (I think) and also don’t forget about warming up first. Maybe some vets with really good gains will advise you too. If there’s one man here that could give you good advice, it would be luvdadus. Do a search with his name in the search field and check the “show results as posts” check box and it should come up with all of his posts in which he kept meticulous detail of his progress and routines.

One other piece of advice that I have trouble with keeping myself is to abstain from ejaculating. A lot of people here don’t agree with this thinking, but from what I understand an ejaculation is a seven day cycle. In other words, it takes seven days for your testosterone level to completely recover after having an ejaculation. This recovery can be a big difference in some cases, possibly big enough to make a difference with pe gains.

Common sense advice would be not to smoke or dip as these habits will surely prevent any gains. I wouldn’t recommend drinking alcohol too much either, but they say drinking lots of water makes a big difference. Good luck!


Welcome to Thunder’s, fingerscrossed. Be sure to record your starting measurements: BPEL (pressed in very hard), BPFSL, and erect girth - preferably at base, midshaft and foreshaft.

r0ad_h0gg wrote:
>Common sense advice would be not to smoke or dip as these habits will surely prevent any gains.



Welcome to Thunders Fingers and yes consistency is the key! Have you told your wife your going to start or are you gonna wait to see if she’ll notice the change. I don’t wanna give you any advice on that, so ask the married guys, but it would be exciting to here if she noticed!

I think he means dip snuff or chewing tobacco.

Hey Road
“but from what I understand an ejaculation is a seven day cycle. In other words, it takes seven days for your testosterone level to completely recover after having an ejaculation.”

My out of town chick is here and I just gave her three rounds…that means I’m 21 days in the hole! I’m gonna turn into a transvestite! LOL

CURRENT 04/11/2007 7.5 EBP X 5.25 EG Mid Shaft, 6.5 NBPEL!

GOAL 05/30/2008 8.5 EBP X 6.00 EG Mid Shaft, 7.5 NBPEL!


You have gained while smoking? All I can say is wow! Don’t you agree that maybe smoking could slow potential gains?

If I were to have a cigarette right now, I would be able to instantly feel the nicotine travel to my prostate area because I haven’t smoked in quite a while. If I were to then continue to smoke heavily like I used to, in a matter of three days I would be able to notice a significant reduction in size of my flaccid penis. To me, this can’t be good, so smoking is out of the question. Although, I do love to smoke, I think I would love having a larger penis a lot more.


Many guys addicted to nicotine have gained well. Smoking is probably bad for your pecker in the long run, but it doesn’t prevent PE progress.

Resuming nicotine intake after a layoff can cause the shrinkage you describe. Same with caffeine and other stimulants. But after awhile your body gets used to it and flaccid size goes back to normal - in my experience anyway.

Thanks so much for the warm welcome. I’ll record and post tomorrow, when I get a chance to be alone. I need to do PE in secrecy. My wife would definitely laugh at me. It takes a long time reading here to believe that PE can work. I’ll let you all know if I grow enough for her to notice!

Thanks again…I mean that from the heart.

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