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Want to go all night without V or C

Want to go all night without V or C

OK guys, so me and the girlfriend are going out to get a hotel this weekend, and I want to give her the time. I have no problem with getting good erections etc. but I would like to screw at least 3 times back to back, with as little time as possible in between. Does anyone know of some good herbal supplements that you can get at either GNC or places like that? I don’t want to take Viagra or Cialis, but I would really like to be able to go a few times in the same night. Most of the time I’m always done after like 2 times which really sucks. Plus there is always a good 15 or 20 wait in between.

Any info you guys could give me would really help, just anything you know of that would cut down on “down time” and keep me horny most of the night. I also plan to have just one or two glasses of wine because i heard that helps. Thanks fellas.

I’m telling you it is hard to go 3 times one after the other. Something about a refractrory period. Any way, try ginseng or ginko.

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Look into non-ejaculatory orgasm techniques. Sex therapist or tantric books are best places to find these.

It’s too late for this weekend. You can feel the pleasure of an orgasm and then continue without a wait. It took me about 7 months to see success.

My back, abs, or triceps usually go out before my penis does these days.

I did have some performance last year and it turned out to be related to my blood pressure medicine. It left some mental damage that took about seven months to clear up.

I have never used V or C. I don’t use any supplements but I’m always looking for ways to improve so I’ll have to read up on ginseng and ginko.

Copulins can turn some men into complete beasts and have been shown via blood tests to raise testosterone up to 50% in under 20 minutes. They take a couple hours to work on me but I only have one testes (survived the cancer tho! :) ) and am on HRT these days. has been very successful for me in training my body to react. It took about 3 months to notice a difference but it is very solid.

One problem with sex is that we usually do it until we get soft. So in one sense we are training ourselves to associate sex with loss of erection. Some tantric books recommend less and less ejaculations for males as they get older. A problem with relationships is that we randomly punish sexual urges with rejection. If you avoid that by having more formal and sure times then over time your body starts to react very positively.

In my age, you have sex as often as you want but ejaculate as little as once a week.

Last idea i can suggest for now is escalating fantasies. Start with “normal” stuff and get hotter as the evening goes on.

Good Luck.

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