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Want to decircumsize and be thicker

Want to decircumsize and be thicker

Hi All ! I’m brand new to this site, though I have been doing some made up exercises of my own for some time. Perhaps I can share some ideas later that many of you could use.

My erections seem to be 8 inches plus or minus about 1/4 inch depending on how turned on I am. Of course I’d like a little more there too, but my main interest is adding girth. I’m about 6 inches around at both ends now, counting the soft outer skin. I’d really like the hard inner shaft to be a good solid 6 inches. Also, I’d like to develop a full foreskin. I do have lots of loose skin just behind my head.

What can you suggest to develop shaft girth and foreskin? Is there a way to stretch the skin you do have and train it to close more around the head ? How do you best thicken the shaft ?

First, start with the newbie program. Do that for 2 months. In that time the penis will become tougher and the capacity of the veins will increase. This sets you up to be able to withstand the serious girth excercises. It will in all liklihood extend your length also. If you want to minimise length gains, drop the stretches and jelq up to the ceiling.

Once you have two months under your belt look for instructions on horses, uli’s, jelq squeezes (all in the faq) and the bend formely known as the horseshoe bend.

Foreskin restoration can be acheived probably more easily than gaining length and girth. You will find that the stretched skin will not close around the top of the glans in the way it does for an uncircumcised man, some people have a minor op to correct it. There are a few threads here covering this. Heres one and here’s another with lots of outside resources.

This search contains a few more threads.


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