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I am using the rice sock for warm-up and then keep it during the session in a tupperware box with closed lid. Works perfectly - remins warm for at least 45min and is still hot enough for the warm-doen after training.

Main challenge: find the microwave settings for the shortest possible heating-up in order to get it warm but not boiling. 800W for 60secs is certainly too much :-)

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Hot air.

I use an industrial heat gun on low setting, and keep it at arms length.

A hair dryer would do a similar job.

I use mine for the first ten minutes of my hang and it works perfectly, but don’t burn yourself by not paying attention.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

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Yeah, the rice sock. I can’t get consistency with the heat. When its right, it works really well. But getting it right is one out of fifty. I either burn myself, or don’t get enough heat out of it. Maybe it’s my microwave. Lately I’ve been using a plastic cup that I put elastic bands to. I fill it up with hot water and strap it on in the shower. Wash then stretch in the shower. Then I Jelq, on the edge of the tub, then shower again to wash off the lube.

Began 9/12/12 BPEL 5.0 El 4.75 BPSFL 5.5 MEG 5.0 BEG 5.25 FL 1-3 FG 4.0

Current 12/3/12 BPEL 5.625 EL 5.0 MEG 5.0 BEG 5.25 FL 2-3.5 FG 4 BPFSL 6.325

Try pushpull

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