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Want Length

Want Length

Hi, I’m new to this forum, and sorta new to PE.

I have been doing it for about a month and have experienced about 0.75” of gains, and that month I didn’t really commit or do regularly.

My current routine is this.

Stretches, all directions, 30 seconds
BTC, all directions, 30 seconds
V-Stretch 30 seconds
A-Stretch 30 seconds

As you can see, it’s not much, I am currently pretty happy with my girth, so want I want to know is, what are some other good length stretches/exercises?

Also, I read something about “ligs popping”, what does this mean?


Current - NBPEL 6.9" x EG Base 6.2"

BPEL 7.4"

Goal - NBPEL 8.5" x EG 6.5"

Try jelqing, alternating hands, semi flaccid - around 30 - 40% erection. I found my length jumped when I lost the super hard erection (which is not ideal anyhow) about 4 months back. I was having a problem reaching 6.75 at the time, and once I went with a 30% erection, my length jumped up the 1/4 inch I was looking for within 8 weeks. Also, you need to step up your program. I do 4 minutes of a hot wrap, 15 - 5 second V stretches - 5 minutes of stretching, all directions, 250 dry jelqs (fortunate to have foreskin) and warm down with 3 minutes of hot water in the shower before work. Total workout time is 30 - 35 minutes two days on - one off - two days on, weekends off. Good luck!

FL - 4” FG - 3.5”
BPEL - 7.25” EG - 5.25”

0.75” gain in a month is not much :confused: ? Many guys would be happy when they made those kind of gains in a year. I want to point out to you that doing the v and a stretches after just one month of PE is risky. These are advanced exercises and could lead to injury. Start with the newbie routine and keep doing it until you have done it for 3 consistent months. Then pickup this routine, it gives you very good gains :) .

To answer your questions:

1 Jelqing at a low erection level, invented v stretch, JAI stretches and the two way stretch. Realise that all , with the exception of jelqing, are advanced exercises.
2 The ligs are a part of your penis. Stretching the ligs gives length gains over time. Some people experience lig pops, then the ligs get popped out of their original place. Those are called lig popping.

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