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Want advice

Want advice

Hello every one this forum is very amazing
All members are here very helpful I have some Questions in my mind
1) How much time required to gain one inch length

My penis was 5.5” length and 4.5” girth I started penis exercise at { 1/3/2016 }

10/4/2016 = EL = 5.75” EG = 4.56”

What I can do to gain more length bcs my main focus at now is length then girth and what you think about my gain is that 0.25” is good in 40 days .


What is your routine?

Typically an inch takes about a year of safe and consistent PE.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Thanks for reply :)

My routine =

90 mins = Streching ( All directions) also containing V strech and bundels etc .

75 min = Jelqing Some wet and some dry total jelq 1500

What is more important for length ?

Is I add something more or that routine is good and my routine is 5 days on and 2 days off .

Your routine is too much.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.


As bill said it is way too much, have a look at the newbie routine, turn off the radio, the tv or anything that would require extra attention, and learn how to perform the basic exercises properly. Focus completely on what you are doing, how you jelq and how you stretch.

It will take time .

The routine is too long and you get diminishing returns at the best and injury at the worst.

Stick to the well proven newbie routine for the first 6 months before trying advanced techniques.

You will get to know yourself and how to read PI.

And also newbie routine give the best long term goals and sets you up for the advanced stuff.

Slow and easy is the way to go!

Ok thanks to all I will start newbie routine thanks for advice friends :)

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