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Want a PE Buddy?

Want a PE Buddy?

Hey guys! I’ve been interested in PE for a while now but can’t stay dedicated! I know its what I want but I need to find ways to make myself do it (I don’t need people coming here to tell me to just do it, while I understand that many will want to say that). I’m looking for anyone who wants to be a PE buddy? No shame, no shyness or anything. Just someone to chat with about it, share new things we learned, or techniques that we like more. Id prefer someone around the same stats as me and around my age (5.5x5, I’m 21 years old). I’m also gay if thats a problem, but I’m told I’m pretty “straight acting”. I wanna start this journey!

Hello dude! I want to start with this too.. And I don’t mind being your mate.. But you should be selective on certain aspects.. Like PE enthusiasm and willingness to explore. For instance, I would start with a newbie routine only and not try anything else until I’m done with the three months or feel like I could handle something else..

Also, I’d be starting around new year since there’s a couple of stuff I want to get my penis checked on. My stats are 6”NBP (maybe 6.3/6.5BP) x something between 4 and 5.. Most likely 4/4.3 I believe.. Didn’t measure yet

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