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Waining EQ

Waining EQ

Hi Guys,

I noticed that my EQ has been waining for the past month or so. My main symptoms low libido, fairly poor penile sensitivity, hard to sustain a strong erection (I have to constantly edge to sustain a decently hard erection). My routine for the past month (after taking a 1.5 month break from PE):

5-6 minute edging
115 - 200 Jelqs at medium erection, Ok grip
2 x 15 kegels (held for 1 erection)
2 x 30 Kegel squeeze (I first hold my base for a squeeze and then I kegel in to hold blood about 15 times a set)
20-30 minute edging

Done at 1 On / 1 Off routine. If I want to increase my EQ back up, should I just lower my frequency of training, cut some of the workout, or simply just take a break for a week or two?


Take a break then cut some of the workout. That should help.

I noticed that frequent edging lowers my EQ. Try to avoid it for some time and see if your EQ is back then!

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

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Hi guys,

Many thanks for the advice. I have cut out over-loaded edging and have generally shortened up my routine. I will give it 1-2 weeks. If that doesn’t help. I will stop all together.

Hey I’m pretty new at this, but I have to agree with cervixhunter. I tried edging thinking it would make my EQ go up, but it did seem do the opposite. I don’t do it anymore and I’ve had no more EQ issues.

I had the EXACT same thing as you. It happened about 3 weeks ago. It took me two weeks to get over fully. I just did kegels and that really helped with everything. I don’t know if I am going to start again… it was a scary and upsetting two weeks.

You could either stop edging or split up the routine. After I’ve done my workout I can’t get a 100% erection either, however an hour afterwards (maybe even half an hour) I can. You could try to do your routine in the morning and do some edging before you’re going to bed, see if that works.


I am in the same boat as you are right now.
The thing that you should do is to take some time and analyse what might be the underlying cause.
By this I mean check out if you are:
1. eating right.
2. getting enough sleep.
3. stressed out.
4. taking any kind of medication that might affect your E.Q.
5. tired from performing any strenuous activities.

As you see there are lots of factors not necessarily related to your work out.

For my case I have been sick for 2 weeks and was really drained out from all the medicine I was taking.

Your work out looks fine by the way.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life


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