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Vitamins & Jelqing

Vitamins & Jelqing

Good evening all, after doing a good amount of browsing Thunders Places’ threads, I’m just about ready start a newbie routine. I was wondering if taking any specific vitamin supplements will increase your PE results? Or do I just need a solid and effective routine?

Thank You

I’m a newbie too. But I read about the l-argenine, they say it helps

Nitric oxide helps open up the vessels for more blood flow, look up nitric oxide boosters.

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Goal = 8.500 BPEL, 6.500 mseg

L-Arginine helps from what I’ve heard. Also Zinc.

But I think it be best to try the newbie routine first by itself for a month at least and then add this stuff in.

Starting Stats - BPEL 6.5", MEG 5.2"

Short-Term Goal - BPEL 7", MEG 5.5"

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I think supplements could add some benefit. I started bodybuilding about an year ago and currently take some supplements and vitamins that might help with my PE journey too. These include L-arginine and citrulline malate that both increase the flow of blood in veins. Gives a better pump at the gym so might as well work with PE exercises. Also taking zinc daily along with magnesium, this combination is known as “ZMA”. It should be taken before sleep and allegedly increases the growth hormone production in the body when you sleep thus helping build muscle cells.

I’m new to this too and just started with the newbie routine. Interested to see how things work out.

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