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Vitamin C for peyronies. I noticed it helps.

Vitamin C for peyronies. I noticed it helps.

OK so I have a dilemma I have been taking large amounts of Vitamin C 5000% for my septal peyronies which runs right above the entire length of my urethra it’s like a metal cable in my penis. The problem is that I noticed it working in that I suppose the acidity was softening and breaking the plaque and everything was going well till I read that Vitamin c is bad for peyronies because it helps produce collagen which is what plaque is mostly made of, however there are 3 types of collagen and I feel like it’s being oversimplified.

But then I read somewhere that vitamin c increases the quality of collagen so your body uses less plaque whereas if your collagen deficient your body will use whatever it can find resulting in excess plaque of poor quality.

So I’m at a cross roads because I noticed vitamin c helping, but it could either make it worse causing excess collagen (plaque) production or make it better causing the formation of better quality tissue resulting in less fibrous material being used (plaque).

Are you doing your PE consistently to take care of your peyronies as well?

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Yes, but I need help with whether I should take vitamin c which I noticed really helped.

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