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Vitamin b-6, b-12 good for PE

Vitamin b-6, b-12 good for PE

Are vitamin b-6 and b-12 good for PE gains? My g/f got it in her head that I needed to start taking these for other beneficial reasons. So about 3 days ago I came home and there were 2 bottles sitting there waiting for me. I haven’t started them yet, I never was much for taking vitamins of any sort. Maybe if I hear that these will help ill start taking more. Lol

Vitamins supplements are good if you have a lack of them; if you are taking enough from your diet, more can do nothing better, and sometimes they can do something bad.

B6 from my understanding, does a lot in many reactions and processes in the body. Neurotransmitters and histamine specifically in b6. Vitamin C seems to be another important cofactor along with it.

B12 is another decent worker as well, there is a tiny chance one could in theory be allergic to a cobalt ring derivative of the vitamin from what I read, though it is rare. I believe it is cause of the synthetic nature of the vitamin that causes this rare problem.

Less conventional/orthodox approaches puts even greater weight on those two vitamins specifically.

I do not believe they would hurt you really, they would most likely give you a reaction if taken in mega doses like having the shits perhaps before anything permanent or detrimental showed up. Eating right is usually the best approach, but is not as easy with the western lifestyle now as days gone by.

Some people have a difficult time absorbing b12, so there is shots or a patch now for them. Orthomolecular approaches and variants of it specifically.

I see it more as a general health practice than specifically anything PE related from what I have read really.

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