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Visualization, motivation and success

Visualization, motivation and success

I’m wondering how many of you guys use the visualization techniques taught in self improvement seminars and sales force motivational meetings and elsewhere. The point is, if you can visualize yourself,(see yourself in your minds eye) with the thing you want, you’ll be more successful in getting in. Try it. It’s like meditation. While you’re relaxing in the hot tub or wherever, picture yourself with a 9.5 in dick with 7 in. Girth. It won’t happen instantly, of course, but subconsciously you’ll become more focused on the things you need to do to achieve your goal. This is a real simplified explanation, but look into it. There’s a ton of books and publications that can give you more insight. It seems to work. Anything that will help me to get the big prong I want, I’ll try.

Happy gaining.

Yes, this is the mind-to-muscle connection that body builders use. Very helpful indeed. You look at your penis, see it getting bigger, and imagine that it WILL get bigger. What do you have to lose? It won’t get smaller.

Looking back on some years of PE and gains from it, I believe that much of the motivation and the results came from constant visualization. PE is to me as much a head trip as it is performing whatever exercises.



I imagine my girlfriend screaming my name. Consequently, I exercise harder. The unit grows thus. And my girlfriend screams my name. You just need to be motivated so you take the initiative.



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