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Visible changes in flaccid before erect

Visible changes in flaccid before erect

Just wondering if changes are likely to be move visible during a flaccid state early on in PE’ing as opposed to an erect state.

I ask because I feel like I see a noticeable difference in my flaccid length already after about 2 1/2 weeks of PE’ing, but not so much in terms of erect length. Is this a bad sign or does erect gain normally follow flaccid gain?

Sounds like you are right on track. What you describe is very common.

Thanks. I also seem to notice a difference in girth, mostly prominent when around 40-60% erect. As most would likely be happy with this apparent gain, I am a bit worried about it. I am not especially worried about girth in the grand scheme of things, especially at this point, and it is more of an icing on the cake type of thing. I figure that if I stick with this long enough without doing any girth-specific exercises, I will hit 6” almost by accident. So, I’m a bit worried that I’m going to get more girth than length early on and therefore reduce my ability to gain the length!

Not sure if anyone can help me with this or if it’s more of just a rant, but comments are appreciated.

A change in girth is probably just due to an improved erection. It usually takes at the very least a month to have noticeable changes in length or girth. Unless your still in puberty and growing. Other than that, it’s usually due to improved erections which give off the appearance of growth. Most people take a few months to see noticeable changes.

I don’t know man.

I just turned 23 a week ago so it’s certainly not puberty, and I’ve definitely noticed at least SOME difference in girth and it couldn’t have anything to do with an “improved erection”. My erections have been rock hard since as far back as I can remember. I can easily hang a damp bath towel on it when it’s erect.

My 100% erect state actually doesn’t look much different (and anything I THINK is different I just assume is my mind playing tricks on me) but right around 40-60% it definitely looks/feel meatier.

I’m experiencing the exact same thing as you whoknows and I started about the exact same time as you.

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