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Virginity and Development

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Before you became 20 years old, were you…

A virgin by 20, 7.5+ BPEL


A virgin by 20, < 7.5 BPEL


A virgin by 20, very unsatisfied with development regardless


Active before 20, pre-activity 7.5+ BPEL, with little or no improvement


Active before 20, pre-activity < 7.5 BPEL, with little or no improvement


Active before 20, pre-activity 7.5+ BPEL, gained 1+ inches BPEL post activity


Active before 20, pre-activity < 7.5 BPEL, gained 1+ inches BPEL post activity


Active and experienced physical developmental problems due to activity

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Hyper Funny!! See what I mean?! “Dr” Lin’s stuff is ridiculously full of perhaps quasi- scientific stuff/terminology and he is against almost every practice this site teaches. His penis enlargement stuff does go along the lines of “edging” as we describe it here on Thunder’s. I am just suggesting that all that quasi/scientific/sex kung fu stuff may have some validity in the virginal circumstance although he isn’t capable of describing it in understandable english. I know I did learn how to stop premature/early ejaculation from his site. I can usually go for as long as I want under control.

It makes me sick.

Ya know, it drives me nuts to see all of these doctors and actors [people who play them on websites] claiming one thing or another. When the hell will all of America, and the world, recognize that everything we believe to be fact, when derived from experimentation, has every chance of being wrong?

I know, I really do, that it’s impossible to function as a person without assumption of something in order to make a decision. But honestly. We’ve got people doing barbaric mutilations to the human body; and we’ve got bad decisions based on bad systems [re: medicare]. I honestly wish that everybody everywhere understood that all empirical evidence was subject to interpretation—by human beings capable of mistakes—and it therefor is not as concrete as we’d like.

Bullshit is all over the place, as is educated guesses and reasonable theories. When it comes down to this, we’re all guessing—whether educated or not. Medicine, quack medicine or good medicine, is not exempt to this. And the bottom line is, there really isn’t that much medical research going on in the grand scheme of things. If you take medical research and compare it to defense, the differences in both money and depth are staggering; but the same fundamental errors described above apply. Beyond that, with the lack of true anatomical knowledge we have as far as endocrinology, neurology, and genetics is gargantuan. We know VERY little about ourselves and yet there is this movement, particularly in the medical community of America, to treat this guesswork as concrete fact; and give less inquiry than needed.

Look to the over-prescription of psychiatric drugs and the latency of the States in comprehending Autism. Look to the problems arising when drug trials are rushed in the name of profit. Look to the millions who’s lives are ruined by doctors who are too proud or biased to pry further into the mystery that is the human body.

The human body.. Is like outer space. It’s a big ass sky and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what’s out there. Modern Medicine might be called a massive Groupthink love-in for the gaping faults and slowness in acknowledging them and correcting the problems in culture that result from medical misinformation or misinterpretation.

Sorry for this whole diatribe, but the reason is this: I can’t stand medical postulation without research. And because there is virtually no medical research into PE, and very little widely reviewed research into the nature of anything sexual, I feel that it’s important to figure some things out. The problem with this type of discussion is that it necessitates pragmatism; just as Niccolo Machiavelli was pragmatic when writing “The Prince.” So many people on the web talk about confusing and obfuscated things dealing with sexuality. I long for the day when we can utterly cast off all taboo of all sexuality so we can truly be enlightened and responsible as a people for STDs, underage pregnancy rates, and parental morality. But without discussion, respect for good research that is not yours [eg international], open minded approaches to causal and effective aspects, and proper documented and widely reviewed research, all of that is utterly impossible. -Yaog

Disclaimer & Addendum:
This post is worded strongly, but I mean not to offend any of the Medical profession, I merely am expressing my passionate views about big problems with modern medicine. I am and always will be an American, but as such I feel it my right and duty to point out problems and provide solutions. I strongly believe that American medicine is some of the best in the world when it is good; but where it lacks, it does so sorely. I am biased, I have been malpracticed on, and it would be unfair to not state such a staunch opinion without allowing for personal bias.

Just to tie that into the thread topic, My reasoning is that there’s no way to understand what goes on with the body if we don’t ask and talk about experience; hence I ask. Admittedly my methods aren’t well refined. And many thanks, hobby, for fixing my poll. The gator thing is useful. -Yaog


Sorry to hear that your condition was mis-diagnosed. Not to diminish the result of that mis-diagnosis, which would be quality of life, but it does happen.

Again, I am not justifying. But there probably is no way to fully eliminate human error - in anything. What happened was tragic. I know of a few mis-diagnoses that were worse than yours & another that, in the ultimate scheme of things, is not very serious at all. But the common theme would be mis-diagnosis/ human error.

Don’t know what to say other than, I am sincerely sorry to hear that you were negatively affected by people that you put faith in. I don’t know how you feel personally, but I have seen other people’s lives affected by what you speak of.

But there probably is no way to fully eliminate human error - in anything.

Absolutely correct. My beef isn’t about error. The problem I see is politics, pride, and CYA all over the medical profession; that is not human error or misdiagnosis, that is negligence or ignorance. Human error is perfectly fine. Hell, all I want is for people to acknowledge that there needs to be something done, that sexuality & reproductive systems are well worth investigating—perhaps even more than other areas. I understand that the type of intimate research is tough. However, it shouldn’t be clouded with embarrassment or taboo, but made clear with respect. Hence, people like Dr. Lin who have a cap load of things that make no sense, really aggravate me. I want a decent understanding of what makes me tick and how to keep myself in good repair. Funny thing is, humanity is obsessed with economic perpetuity over intellectual rigor. -Yaog


We need another Kinsey.


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